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Here at Peace Containers, we are are always struck by the impact that even small changes can have in the world.  Every small improvement accumulates into a swell of change that sweeps the world.  It is our goal to help smiles and good acts spread across the globe, one smile and one project at a time.

Why Reclaim Use of Shipping Containers and Avoid Deconstruction? 

What are Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers are large steel boxes used on construction sites, trains, and ships for global shipping. These containers are designed to withstand 3,000 tons of weight each while stacked ten high.

Containers are air-tight, made to float and are resistant to hurricanes on land or sea, including mudslides and earthquakes.
There are so many containers they could circle the earth twice. Our suppliers are socially-responsible companies interested in reducing their inventory while providing the bases for new schools and community buildings. 
Containers make superior structures compared to conventional buildings.

Why Reclaim Use of Shipping Containers and Avoid Deconstruction?

Peace Containers housing is changing building construction world-wide through the re-purposing of used shipping containers.

Reclaiming containers previously considered unusable, and renewing them for building structures solves many environmental issues. It saves trees and other materials made from valuable resources. Rapid deployment in case of emergency: Because the frame already exists, there is better use of time for building new structures. Unused Containers take up great amounts of precious harbor space.  It is cost-prohibitive to separate, disassemble and melt shipping containers for reuse of metal. Because containers are rarely returned to their origination points, it is less expensive to manufacture new containers at departure points than return them to their origination points for reuse.  Shipping companies save money and free up harbor space of unusable containers. It is more economically feasible to re-purpose shipping containers.

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“Every good act is charity. A man's true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows."



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